FolderVisualizer 7.1

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Do you want the folders in your PC to take up less space?

How often have you ended up without space in your hard drive? Do you know which of your folders take up most space? You no longer need to go from folder to folder to check how large they are, because FolderVisualizer was created to help you control the space taken up by each file and folder.

FolderVisualizer is a simple application which analyzes the distinct hard drives in your PC, so it can show you which files and folders take up most space. You can configure the program to create distinct lists according to the space required, for example you can create a list of those folders that have more than one hundred files, etc.

To complete the FolderVisualizer functions it includes a practical tool that creates statistics and graphs about the occupied space in the drive. And as if all that wasn't enough, the program can also scan external drives like USB memories, and it's totally for free. What are you waiting for to try FolderVisualizer?


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